Amaze Your Guests With These Porcelain Floor Tile Designs

Amaze Your Guests With These Porcelain Floor Tile Designs

Looking to make an impression on friends, family, and guests the moment they enter your home? Look no further than to this blog for porcelain floor tile designs.

Below, Roca Tile USA has compiled some of the hottest trends and ideas in modern porcelain design. Without a doubt, you’re sure to find one that will pique your interest.

Pure White Porcelain

Forget patterns and textures. There’s something unequivocally elegant and pristine about a monochromatic porcelain floor, the way it lights up a room. and the way it adds space and clarity to every angle and corner. A great example is our Kalma series, and Nordico collection.

Pure white porcelain provides a soft and sophisticated feel that is easily highlighted and finished by differently shaded adornments like mirrors, countertops, sinks, and more.


Aptly named and perfect for grabbing attention, the windmill floor tiling pattern is made up of four rectangular tiles that frame a smaller square one. The result is a breezy feel that can help texture smaller spaces, especially when coupled with simple and subtle decor. Size and shaping can vary with this design to fit the schematics of any room.


Herringbone floor tile pattern is a great way to direct attention and traffic into and through a room. It’s accomplished by placing uniform rectangular tiles at alternating 45 degree angles to make repeating V shapes that blend into one another. Herringbone patterns are expansive and ideal in smaller spaces that need to feel larger. These patterns are fairly straightforward to inset because they only require one size and shape of porcelain tile.


A timeless classic, checkerboard patterning offers a range of options for placement, color, and contrast, making it versatile enough to complement a classic farmhouse or a chic urban flat. For example, offsetting the tiles in diagonal or incremental fashion can create a hypnotic and eccentric effect, while mixing both glossed and matte finishes in the same room achieves a modern look. Achieve that look yourself with the Casablanca Collection.

You Dream It, Roca Tile USA Achieves It

We pride ourselves here at Roca Tile USA for helping customers with their projects for over 100 years.  No matter what sort of porcelain floor tile you need for your project, you can trust that we will have it for you.

To learn more about our services and products, browse through our unique catalogues and collections online for inspiration. You can also visit any one of our showrooms located throughout the country.

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10 Sep, 2021