Innovation & Technology

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An innovative, multi-purpose tile finish that is soft and silky to the touch and meets the slip resistance necessary for use in wet and outdoor areas. This combination of smooth touch and high slip resistance makes this the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor continuity


Innovative tile finish with antiviral and antibacterial properties applied to our Downtown series. The active substances incorporated into the enamel of this collection are capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This new development makes of this collection the perfect choice for rooms that require extra hygiene.


Technology used in glazed porcelain and color body porcelain. Ideal to use in pool decks, patios, exterior
stairs and ramps up to 10% inclination since it has a DCOF equal or superioto 0.60. It is less abrasive and 30% more adherent than conventional anti-slip surfaces.


Exclusive finish with a pearly effect, iridescent reflections and ultra-glossy sheens that enhance the surface and raise it to the category of jewelry