To say that H-Town is unexpected is putting it lightly. The Bayou City manages to bring the most out of the southern tradition, and mix it with a breath of innovation. Time and time again, Houston is capturing the attention of art & design lovers everywhere with its creative minds that are buzz-worthy and award-winning.
In this capsule, we partnered with the local drivers of the design industry to learn more about topics such as industry trends and sustainability, adding value to the final experience, female-led firms, authentic spaces, projects that endure time and much more.
We urge you to discover the design solutions of a few of Space City’s sharpest architects and designers.


It’s all about crafting the perfect home - down to the details - at Collaborative Design Group. The firm based in Houston prides itself in working alongside the clients to deliver an innovative residential design that caters to their needs and dreams.

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Mickey Bufalini photo

According to their founder and principal interior designer, Mickey Bufalini, the design of a home should feel like a woman’s perfect black cocktail dress does: timeless, versatile and open to accessorizing as the owner wishes. In our interview, the designer brought up how to create that timeless concept, adding on technology in a seamless way and the warmth of Houstonians.


Walking into a restaurant is a multi-sensory experience that goes way beyond the food itself. That’s why we talked to the Houston-based, award-winning firm specialized in designing for the Food and Beverage industry all through the country, Gin Design Group.

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Leading a team of mainly women, their founder, Gin Braverman, has been the designer behind the coolest restaurants in Houston. Get ready to discover the designer’s secret sauce to conceptualizing a truly authentic gastronomic escapade, and much more.

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The recipe of success at Content Architecture is simple: attention to detail combined with a thoughtful creation process that adds value to the final experience of a space. That’s how the award-winning firm based in Houston designs highly customized spaces all through the country.

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Jesse Hagar photo

They’re behind the design of trendy Lemon Laine, a hype wellness and beauty shop in Houston. We talked to their founder, Jesse Hagar, about adding value and sustainability to retail design, the choice of specific materials and colors and how to get to a unique creation.