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Tiny Houses – Cost and Time Effective

Have you heard about houses that are built in one day? Well today, they are all the buzz!

There are several options coming to market for these homes, yet we were fascinated by the M.A.D.I. house designed by the Italian architect, Renato Vidal. M.A.D.I. stands for “modulo abitativo dispiegabile” translated to unfoldable modular living unit. This home solution only costs $33,000 and is as versatile as it is inexpensive. The M.A.D.I. house is completely customizable; is made from eco-friendly materials and is easily transported.

According to, “it arrives at the construction site in pre-assembled panels. It’s an A-frame house that begins with a crane lifting two hinged roof sections over the home’s foundation, then standing them up in place.” From there it takes as few as three people to add on the rest of the house’s parts. Watch the video above to see the progress in action. 

What happens if you have a big family? Well no problem at all, this home offers five different floor plans that meet your desired space needs.  The sizes offered range from 290 square feet to 905 square feet. Bigger spaces are created by combining 2 – 3 modules and there is even a luxury model that is built with finer materials and custom furniture.

This new approach to living definitely is a sign of the times. People are taking a more minimalist approach to life and are taking concrete steps to preserve our environment. The M.A.D.I. home is also ideal for humanitarian aid efforts. They are fabricated in a small amount of time and can easily be transported to areas that have suffered natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Finally, these homes also offer a solution to provide housing for the less fortunate communities around the world.

Technology and design have brought us to this new frontier and, who knows, maybe someday we will even be able to buy houses through Amazon.





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