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Great choice!

It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve made the right choice when it comes to selecting materials for your remodeling project. During the recent renovation of my home I had lots of decisions to make. One of those major decisions was what type of surface to use on the new terrace. I spent considerable time reviewing all my options. Parts of the terrace are covered while others are not thus requiring a very durable material.

I considered natural stone but the cost, clean ability and surface variations convinced me to consider other alternatives. I has used cement pavers on a previous terrace location and found them unsuitable for several reasons. The texture is rough and hard to clean; the space between the pavers allows small weeds and moss to flourish requiring constant maintenance during the growing seasons and their overall appearance is too heavy for my new French style terrace.

I decided to go with tile; large 16” x 24” smooth surfaced gray tiles. I had them installed using with very narrow grout lines. The grout was custom stained to match the tiles exactly. The smooth surface is easy to clean. Even our North Carolina red clay and dozens of landscapers work boots can’t stain the surface. Everything just hoses off beautifully. Unlike natural stone, the smooth surface allows dining chairs to sit evenly and glide, unhampered to the table.

Selecting the right material for any job is always challenging but in this particular case. I made a great choice!



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