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Roca Galleries

Every artist’s greatest desire is for their work to be displayed so that the public can admire or critique it, enjoy it, and experience the feelings that each piece evokes.

Accordingly, an author’s work is discovered and promoted among people, who, step by step, open the way for potential clients. From this concept arises Gallery, a regular space for both art creators and admirers, as well as a meeting point for restless and creative minds eager to discover new ideas.

Roca Barcelona Gallery

ROCA is highly conscious that each of its pieces, from the design phase to the production phase, is crafted in a very  meticulous and elaborate way. In this sense, ROCA Galleries, and its representative buildings and spaces, were clearly developed with the will of the market’s leading company in mind: to maintain a constant dialogue with the industry and to create a platform for the exchange of expertise with professionals.

Roca Lisboa Gallery

The galleries go beyond the showroom concept; they have become a reference point for architects, designers, and other professionals constantly seeking to keep abreast of the latest products and materials. To date, there are five ROCA Galleries, found in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Shanghai and the upcoming opening of the Beijing Gallery, making it  one of the principal centers for design in the Chinese capital. All of them have been crafted by prestigious international architects such as Carlos Ferrater, Ma Yansong, or the Prizker Prize laureate, Zaha Hadid; all creators who clearly understood the values of ROCA, a brand marked by quality and excellence.

Roca London Gallery

The amount of cultural work that ROCA provides the industry is evident, not only in relation to design, but also in disciplines such as innovation and sustainability, where it has become a hallmark within the business world. In addition, ROCA Galleries are not only open to professionals, but are also versatile spaces where experts and users can interact, exchange dialogue, and share ideas through talks and exhibitions. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about and discover the products in an innovative and unique way that characterizes ROCA Galleries: through a complete audiovisual experience.

Roca Shanghai Gallery

These spaces within ROCA Galleries are, and continue to be throughout 2017, a center for cultural explosion, a meeting place for industry influencers, and a center for technological and sustainable innovations in construction. If you have not already done so, remember to schedule this essential appointment in your agenda: the ROCA Galleries.

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