Watch our interviews as we continue through the COVID 19 pandemic. We reached out to great designers and companies to hear their methods on design and their favorite Roca products they use in their projects for their clients. What our ROCA IGTV team interview our great guests.


KOO is a Chicago-based full-service architecture, interior design, and planning firm. They craft buildings and interior environments that create a unique identity for each project. Enjoy watching this video with Megan Walters and Amelia Hoover from Koo in Chicago.

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Gettys Group is a family of companies that offer Global Design and Development Services for the Hospitality Industry. Under their umbrella they have: Gettys Interiors, Gettys One, Ridgeline, Gettys Branding, Populate Procurement & Blu. Enjoy watching this video with Sarah Harvey from Gettys Group in Chicago.

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Variant, an architectural firm based in Chicago since 2017, focuses primarily on hospitality, retail, restaurants, bars, some office spaces. They recently started to pick up student housing and multi-residential projects. Join us as we talk to Danielle and Ashely about their journey through their design process.

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Born in Barcelona, Spain, Neus is the President - Senior Interior Designer & PM for Off White Studio, with a presence in Manhattan and Barcelona. They have been in business for 5 years and they specialize in photorealistic architectural renderings (interiors and exteriors), animations and architectural interior design of offices, residences and commercial spaces, offering Project Management, Construction Documents, Design-Build Documents and Post-build Maintenance Program.

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Based in New York City, Ammor Architecture has been in business for 13 years, they offer complete architectural services along with urban design consulting, full interior design and decorating services, and custom furnishing design. We talked to Thomas Morbitzer & Goil Amornvivat, the minds behind Ammor Architecture, who define themselves as Architects that do Interior Design. They find a lot of inspiration through traveling and exploring the materials from different exotic places they have visited.

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