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Based in bustling New York City, Spivak Architects truly embodies the city that never sleeps. Representing diverse geographic and design disciplines, the firm exudes energy and talent. It functions as a team inspiring fresh creative design ideas. Howard Spivak considers each staff member a key team player. From branding and retail projects to sustainable living communities, Spivak Architects values hands on work and engagement with clients every step of the design process.


Check out our interview with Howard Spivak and Camila Crazut to learn more!

“We strive to create places that are alive, and transform over time. We ask clients to dream, moving from imagined moments into built architecture.”
-Howard Spivak

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Spivak Architects’ projects defy standards, diving deep into new concepts and methods. Their New York-based team, diverse and full of energy, has one goal: innovation through hard work, as well as teamwork with the client’s ideas, and vision, framed in a sustainable line of work. The following projects have a special style that can also be achieved using Roca Tile products.

To create an elegant space like the one below, …

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