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Porcelain tiles as kitchen countertops

When designing a kitchen countertop, choosing the right covering is essential. Due to its convenience, resistance and durability, porcelain tiles increasingly appear as a solution, combining beauty, versatility and great sophistication. The technology in its production makes this material the perfect choice to create countertops.

Resistance, durability and everyday convenience
Porcelain tiles are very suitable for making countertops, due to their aesthetics and their resistance. It is a low water absorption coating,which hardly scratches and is easy to clean. On the kitchen
countertop, it is also useful as it is able to withstand temperature variations, being able to receive hot pans on it, to have great impacts, and even being resistant to falling objects. Thinking about durability, the low porosity of porcelain tiles avoids those stains that happen so easily on other materials and does not require the maintenance needed on natural stones. Daily cleaning can be done with a damp cloth only and, in case of splashes or heavier dirt, you can use neutral detergent or creamy saponaceous solution.

Design versatility
In addition to its technical characteristics, porcelain tiles offer incredible versatility to implement the most different project proposals. Our portfolio has a great variety of finishes and textures, perfectly reproducing natural stones, such as marbles, and even concrete. Besides bringing the desired material aesthetics to the countertop, the porcelain tile, as it is the same coating applied to floors and walls, ensures designs with a clean and integrated look by enabling the same coating to be included in the entire room. It is possible to play with a texture or volume on the wall, for example, and choose the smooth version of the same line on the countertop.

Some examples lie within our Slabs collection like Athos, inspired by the classic marbles of Carrara region in Italy and Marble Parana, which brings the beauty of Brazilian stone, with golden and gray veins on an off-white background; or Concrete, which resembles architectural concrete, a texture increasingly valued in architecture.

Super formats
In order to ensure a cleaner look and allow creating seamless kitchen countertops, Roca Cerámica presents lines that are nationally produced in super formats with 40″ x 80″ or 48″x 98″and only 7mm thick pieces. The size of the sheets allows for a single piece-coated countertop design, ensuring the same uniformity as with marble-coated countertops, for example. This is the case of Nero Caressi line, with a black background and white veins, which composes the kitchen countertop and wall in the image.

As they are extremely thin, transportation and handling are made easy and agility is provided in application processes when compared to natural stones. With
many finishes and textures, their lines prove to be a great solution for designing countertops – their resistance to temperature variation, for example, also allows them to be applied as induction oven countertops.

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