Tips on how to coat small apartments

Whether due to their convenience or market value, compact apartments are gaining more and more prominence, especially in overcrowded capitals, where the square foot is highly valued. And when we think about its decoration, we need to make assertive choices, planning it with care so that it becomes a cozy and bright home.

Visual unity

The coating choice may affect the entire apartment environment. A good tip is to choose the same coating for the entire apartment’s floor, providing a sense of visual unity. Roca’s porcelain tiles are a great alternative, as they are resistant and easy to clean, and can be extended to the kitchen and bathroom areas. In some cases, it is also possible to opt for continuity between floor and wall,
eliminating baseboards”

The right size

The super format pieces are also a great choice, because they have fewer joints between pieces, creating a fluid continuity in the application. Roca provides different size formats, with extremely thin and easy to apply “sheets”.

With an eye on colors

Small apartments need light and neutral tones. Light colors reflect light and are able to make the whole environment illuminated. They also help to a sense of spaciousness. Roca’s portfolio has several lines exploring these shades – such as the Liverpool line, which can be applied to both the floor and the wall. Betting on porcelain tiles that evoke burnished cement is also a great option for those who appreciate a more industrial decor. Wood porcelain tiles, on the other hand, provide coziness and, due to all the technology in their manufacture, can be applied in kitchens and bathrooms with no worry.

Direction of application

Finally, the application direction of the coating can also make a difference in small apartments. When we apply coatings vertically to a wall, we reinforce the sense of a heightened ceiling height. On the floors, on the other hand, porcelain applications creating diagonal or vertical lines are good tricks.

04 Aug, 2020