Roca promotes online debate about the reality of women in architecture

Roca promotes online debate about the reality of women in architecture

On 11 March, Roca presents ‘Space for Women Architects: Boundaries’, a thoughtprovoking conversation with four acclaimed architects who are breaking barriers and shining a light on gender issues in architecture through their practice and academic work: Kathryn H. Anthony, Anupama Kundoo, Zaida Muxí and Lucia C. Pérez-Moreno.

Moderated by Martha Thorne, Dean at IE School of Architecture and Design and Executive Director of
the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and Diane Gray, Executive Director of LA(H)B and editor-in-chief of, the session looks into the current situation of women in architecture and the path
towards gender equality, taking the panelists’ first-hand experience in the field as a starting point:

• Kathryn H. Anthony (USA) is an ACSA Distinguished Professor at the School of Architecture,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a leading authority on gender issues in design,
testifying before the US Congress on the topic and receiving several awards for her work, including
the 2021 AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education.
• Anupama Kundoo (India/Germany) graduated from University of Mumbai in 1989 and received
her PhD degree from the TU Berlin in 2008. Her research-oriented practice has generated people
centric architecture based on spatial and material research for low environmental impact, while
being socio-economically beneficial. She is currently Professor at Potsdam School of Architecture,
Germany and was the Davenport Visiting Professor at Yale University in Spring 2020.
• Zaida Muxí (Argentina/Spain) holds a PhD from the ETSAB-UPC, where she is also a professor
of Urban Planning. She was Director of Urban Planning of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, and is the
author of the pioneering book Beyond the threshold. Women, Houses and Cities, a revised account
of the history of architecture and urban planning through the contributions of the women who have
been silenced throughout history.
• Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno (Spain) is Associate Professor of History and Theory of Architecture at
the University of Zaragoza and researcher at the Institute of Heritage and Humanities (IPH) of this
university. She is currently in charge of a research project funded by the Spanish Government
entitled “Women in Spanish Postmodern Architecture Culture,1965-2000”, which documents the
contributions of women architects to the Spanish-built environment since the 1960s and analyses
the difference of their female gaze.

In the week in which International Women’s Day is celebrated, where are we now and which challenges
and opportunities lie ahead? The discussion is as timely as ever and ties in with Roca Gallery’s topic of
the month, which explores the idea of ‘Boundaries’ in architecture and design. The four panelists will give
their insights in a series of short individual presentations, followed by a round table and a Q&A in which
they will take questions from the online audience.

‘Space for Women Architects’ is a series of conversations promoted by Roca to talk about women in the
field of architecture and design. Following previous editions held at the Roca Galleries in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, the debate moves to the digital world to be available worldwide. The upcoming session be held in English and will be broadcast live at It is free to attend, with no registration required

01 Mar, 2021