Once upon a time in #ASafePlace …

Hand in hand with leading professionals in different fields, Roca Tile explores a new dimension in which science, design and innovation come together to improve people’s quality of life.

We’re glad to present the innovative Biosafe Tile finish applied in the Downtown series of properties with highly antibacterial activity thanks to an additive applied in its production.
The AINIA technology centre has verifed the antimicrobial properties of our new porcelain tile by means of a test based on the ISO 22196 standard, which determines the antibacterial
capacity of non-porous surfaces.

The active substances (composed of silver ions) incorporated into the enamel of the Downtown series are capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This new development
increases the degree of safety and confidence in the ceramic material and is suitable for rooms that require extra hygiene.

Our innovative product is available as a special order from our Spain factories. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

08 Sep, 2020