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How to Use Tiles and Turn Rooms into Art: The Boulevard Collection

A change in seasons is the perfect time to wave your magic makeover wand across anything that has become lackluster to the eye or uninspiring to the soul in any room of your home.

Nothing shows that brand-new sheen quite like fresh tiles on a wall or the floor. With design trends, as eccentric and avant-garde as they are these days, you really get to immerse yourself in the selection process and personalize your results by playing around with a vast palette of colors, shapes, materials and finishes.

The creative experience of decorating with tiles now allows for unimaginable fun via experimentation with patterns, colors, glazes, shapes and even the arrangement of tiles. Today tiles are designed to imitate the look of various other materials, like wood, sandstone, cotton or vinyl, in this way giving floors and walls interest and uniqueness. Your home is the ideal canvas and tiles the perfect tool for you to blend dreaming with living.

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