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Floors: the main asset in your home

Roca USA is the perfect advisor when it comes to floors. Home decoration can be minimalistic while allowing the floors to be the center of attention of your home. A good floor combination with the correct furniture could transform an entire room into a piece of art.

We are always asking ourselves how we can achieve the home magazine looks without going bankrupt in the process, Roca USA can help you with the perfect tips not only to get the floors you have always wanted but to guide you on how to combine them with the correct elements.

If you are into minimalistic decor, you can use simple, yet elegant flooring options such as our Armani Collection, our Artic Collection or our Carrara Collection. You can combine the shine and classic aesthetic of these floors with bold furniture or accent pieces. Having a more classic floor color will allow you to integrate other decorative elements to your home. When using any of these collections you can get that amazing peacock blue velvet couch you have wanted for so long without losing your minimalistic touch.

Want to be more outgoing and adventurous with your floors? Bring your ideas to life with tiles like our RockArt Collection, our Havana Collection or our Boulevard Collection.  Let your floors bring life to your home and combine it with simple yet cool furniture, creating a stunning room worthy of never-ending compliments.

It’s all about combining your home decor with the perfect floors. Today’s market offers a variety of affordable options depending on what you are looking for. Itis just a matter of preparing a mood board to visualize all the elements used to recreate the space you envision.

Channel your inner interior designer and start working on your next home project. Remember if you are running low on inspiration during the process, you can turn to the Roca USA website to see the Rooms we have created to help you!

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About Roca USA

Roca Tile USA is a worldwide leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing of high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile. Present throughout all the US territory thanks to its five distribution centers.



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