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At Roca Tile USA, we see a brand ambassador as someone influential and talented who loves tile and design as much as we do. Meet the faces behind this new project: NY based architecture and design firm, Spivak Architects; and Chicago based designer, Aida Napoles. As esteemed members of our A&D community that have gotten to know our products and ideals throughout the years, they were the perfect fit to authentically represent the Roca Brand.

Roca Presents: What is Design?

A docuseries featuring the emerging voices of our industry.

Get ready to go into the minds of the creatives that are building the future of our cities. “What is Design?” is a conversational platform that empowers architects and designers that are making a difference in our communities.

We want to elevate, inspire, and empower all these new talents that are taking the industry by storm. In each episode, uncover how they’re facing the main challenges of the 21st century to create breathtaking spaces.



A short series of interviews that dive deep into their projects and the process of concepting a design, their story with Roca and their favorite collections.

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