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Create your own mirror!

At Roca we love creating unique projects with our tile portfolio. Join us today while we create our unique Roca Mirror!

Before we start we will need:

  1. A mirror
  2. Ceramic Tile
  3. A small notch stainless steel flooring trowel with comfort
  4. Ceramic Tile Adhesive
  5. Unsanded Grout that matches your tile color.
  6. A sponge
  7. A small rag
  8. Creativity

First, define the size of your tile frame. We placed several tiles around the frame to calculate how much tile we will need and how they should be arranged  to look beautiful and unique.

The second step is to place the tiles one by one around the frame. Remember, you can be as creative as you want and combine different colors & finishes. For more tile options go to our website

Let the frame dry for 24 hours. Then  mix the unsanded grout according to the instructions on the bag or the manufacturer’s website and fill in the grout joints with the mixture.

Sponge off any grout excess from the tile surface and allow the grout to dry.

The finished product? An amazing, unique, personalized mirror you can place in any part of your home!

Best of luck with your future projects and don’t forget to subscribe or follow our social media channels.

Remember with Roca… Life is built one tile at a time



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