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Create the perfect garden table for this End of Summer

Today, we are going to guide you on how to decorate a table for your garden using tiles. We have selected a coffee table and you can design it with the tile pattern and color that best suits your style.

Before starting you will need:

  1. Pencil
  2. Ruler
  3. Small Wooden Table
  4. Ceramic Tile
  5. A small notch stainless steel flooring trowel with comfort
  6. Ceramic Tile Adhesive
  7. Un-sanded Grout that matches your tile color
  8. A sponge
  9. A small rag
  10. Creativity

First, measure the table to define how you want to place the tiles. This way, you will have a better idea of the amount of tile needed for this project.

Measure the table and divide it into two equal parts to define the center, this is where you will position the first two tiles. Remember to leave a small space between them.

After, you will need to measure the sides of the table. In our case, we know there is a space of four fingers on each of the four sides of the table. Measurements may vary depending on the design you have chosen to develop.

You can Mix & Match; play with the tiles as you like. You may observe we are using different tile shapes to make our table stand out with its unique design.

Start by applying the ceramic tile adhesive in the space designated for the two square tiles and apply both tiles by pressing gently. You can clean the parts where there is some adhesive excess. For our DIY project, we decided to buy a premixed adhesive to save time, yet you may buy the dry version and prepare the mixture yourself, saving you a little more money!

The second step is to apply the rest of the ceramic tile adhesive along the part of the table you have defined as the frame.  Don’t forget to even out the adhesive so the tiles you will be placing on the frame are at the same level as center tiles. This step is very important, as you do not want the rest of your tiles to be at a different surface level.

Now we can start placing the rest of the tiles around the table to create the frame. Remember: Don’t be afraid to let your creativity run free!

Allow the tiled table to dry for 24 hours. After that, you can mix the un-sanded grout following the instructions specified on the bag or on the manufacturer’s website, and fill in the grout joints with the mixture.

Sponge off any grout excess from the tile surface and allow the grout to dry.

These simple steps helped us turn our design into a fun and colorful tile table for our courtyard!

Best of luck with your future projects and don’t forget to subscribe or follow our social media channels for more inspiration.

Remember, with Roca… Life is built one tile at a time!




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