The Covid 19 pandemic has taught us lessons on health and hygiene but also on how interiors shape our lives and forced our homes to take on multiple roles (from refuge to workplace to school) during such a critical time.

In her article for Roca Gallery, Clare Farrow, an interdisciplinary curator and writer and founder of Clare Farrow Studio, shares her point of view on how this extreme compression of our lives, particularly for those living in high-density urban environments, has resulted in increased concern for mental as well as physical health.

Clare mentions the Spanish flu from a century ago and how it had a profound influence on the development of modernism, blurring the boundaries between design and physical health.

She envisions a future world with health-oriented interiors which will also be shaped by climate change.

Read the full article on Roca Gallery.

Main image: Maggie’s Centre, Leeds, UK, June 2020, Heatherwick Studio. Photo © Hufton+Crow