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Roca Gallery’s latest view on architecture: “Limits. Distant Horizons, Near Horizons”

Pavilion “Ocho Quebradas,” Los Vilos, Chile, 2015, Josep Ferrando Architecture. Photo Credit © Nicolás García

Architect and Craftsman Josep Fernando shares his perspective on how architecture has collaborated with nature to shape and delimit territories around the world, from building materials to landscapes.

In this article, Josep mentions “The horizon is the infinite natural boundary until someone sees it for the first time and starts building it mentally. It should be noted that any landscape contains the physical traces of those who transform it, but also what cannot be seen. Its finite human limits are those of memory and of the experience of those who have inhabited it over time: what it is and what it evokes.”

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About Josep

Josep Ferrando defends a multifaceted vision of architecture defining himself as part architect and craftsman; part academic as Dean of the ETSALS School of Architecture La Salle Barcelona; and part cultural manager as Director of the Centre Obert d’Arquitectura and the Culture Department of the COAC Catalan Architects’ Association. His work has been published widely and exhibited in numerous international venues including: the Architekturforum Aedes, Berlin and MAM Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro. He took part in the exhibition Unfinished in the Spanish Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, which won the Golden Lion. He was awarded first prize in the Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial BIABA’15, and in 2020 he received the International FAD Award.



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