Aida Napoles

Meet Aida Napoles, principal at AGN Design. She was born and raised in Chicago, with over 10 years of design experience building and creating hospitality and residential spaces from the ground up. At Roca we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to interiors but believe us when we say that Aida’s work is one of a kind. Her creativity and design thinking never cease to amaze us, one project after the other. From penny mosaic tiles to marble slabs, Aida sure knows the benefits of tile and incorporates it in most of her designs. During our interview, we learned what sparks her creativity in order to come up with such unique designs, among other interesting facts about Aida. Scroll down to discover more about Aida!


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“Projects XS or XL, we pull inspiration from our travels, art, and our expertise in hospitality, commercial, & residential Interiors to design & deliver visually engaging spaces & experiences”
-Aida Napoles

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From residential to commercial projects, the power of creativity and experience is outstanding when it comes to the designs of Aida Napoles. Her spaces are the perfect combination of comfort and design. The following projects feature Roca Tile products.
If you are looking to give character to any room, …

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